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2017 Underway!

2017 Underway!

Welcome back to all our learners and parents. Our 2017 Year has already begun with Pre-Primary and Grade 1's having started on 10 January 2017 and Grade 2-7 on 11 January 2017. Tell us about your child's first days back at school - share your thought on our facebook page.


Junior College is a private school based in Ottery, Cape Town.

At Junior College we are proud to encourage the values of loyalty and respect for fellow human beings in a higher power and value based learning environment. We nurture the freedom of mind necessary for making good moral decisions. Learners thrive in an environment in which mutual trust, respect and the consideration for fellow pupils form the basis of their educational foundation.

The professional and dedicated team of educators strive to promote an environment where your child’s full potential can be realised. We value the unique qualities of each individual and seek to nurture their particular talents and empower them to confidently overcome their weaknesses. We aim to provide a child-centered holistic (intellectual, emotional and physical) learning environment in which the diversity of children’s experience will be honoured and incorporated. We aim to equip learners with the appropriate skills to think critically and work diligently both co-operatively and independently.


18 October

New School Year – 2018/2019 Applications Now Open

Email applications to admin@juniorcollege.co.za

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24 September

End of Year 2016 Awards Evening

View photos and videos on our facebok page: https://www.facebook.com/pg/JCollege/photos/

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10th Position Metro South District Grade 3 and 6 Literacy and Numeracy Tests (Out of 212 schools) (2012)


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